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“Excellence is the Result of Caring more than others think is Wise, Risking more than others think is Safe, Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and Expecting more than others think is Possible.”

― Ronnie Oldham

The Photographer

Janina Ordonez creates contemplative portraits that inspire the audience to take a deeper look. Her subject matter is serious and slightly discomforting, while encouraging the viewer to question the thoughts and ideas of traditional media. She uses light to create intimate connections between the viewer and the participants. Her use of text to complement her images emphasizes the importance of people’s voices. In an attempt to show people as they are, her images convey rawness and honesty. The fine art world appreciates her beautiful flaw filled images of humanity.

The Multi Hyphenate & Trainer

 Janina Ordonez is attentive and thoughtful in her approach to the needs of her clients. She will provide you with customized, feasible, and research-based recommendations that are sure to enhance the productivity of any dedicated individual or small business. 

She received her B.A. in Sociology from Florida International University. In her role as a photographer, she has served as a creative content coach and consultant to many aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. It is only in recent years that she has begun to offer her valuable skills independent from her photography business via She Excels Boston.        

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Contact Janina

Phone:  617. 302. 7617


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