Excellence Be You Consulting

The Business Clarity Package

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This training includes the following:

✓ Finding your area of excellence

          - Transform your skills and natural ability into a  profit, a money making business

Identifying your ideal client

           - Select your ideal client, build concise marketing and products guaranteed to secure profit for your business


✓ Creating your "Elevator Speech"

            - Learn how to pitch your business in 2 mins or less, gain clientele and investors.

☆ Included Bonus: " Getting My Priorities Straight" Training (Value of $499.99)

☄ Create a flexible "Commitment Schedule"

               - Create a schedule that will assist you with prioritization and efficiency. Proper maintenance of time allows for maximum profit.  

☄  Get clear on your financial business goals

           - Are you selling yourself short? Create proper pricing for you products, sky rocketing you towards the profit goals that you want.

☄  Weekly 1 on 1 Check in Phone Call

          - We will have a 30 minute phone call to discuss weekly goals and assist you in remaining on task toward establishing your business. 

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