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My Daily Practice of Choosing Joy

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 It is important to remind yourself of things that you want in your live on a regular basis. I realized this a few months ago after a strenuous day at my 9-5, I randomly stopped into a 7Eleven convenience store to purchase a few things.

As the attendant rang up my items for purchase, I noticed a colorful assortment of cute little nicknacks scattered about the check-out counter--You know for those last minute impulse buys.

There was one item imparticular that caught attention, it was a box of stone keychains. Each keychain had an engraving. One had the word " Love", another had "Grace" and the last one had the word "Joy"... See this, I paused for a moment.

I had recently been meditating on joy and creating joyous experiences in my life. In that moment my stress and anxiety dissipated...Seeing this stone so was Trippy!!! So guess what? I bought it! I keep the keychain with me as a reminder that I have a choice...I can choose to allow my mind to replay the negativity happenings of each day or I can choose Joy and create it for myself because I deserve it. PERIOD

"The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor".  ― Sherman Alexie

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